Slow(er) Growth | March 2021 Net Worth Update | Teachers Talk Money

Hey reader,

It’s that magical time of the month again! I have come to really enjoy doing my net worth updates each month. Now that I’m at the point in my life where all of my shorter-term goals (debt freedom, beginning to invest, having my emergency fund, having my sinking funds, etc) are met or in the works, I really don’t check on my money all that often. I set my budget, track my spending when I make purchases, and occasionally check on my accounts from time to time. So my monthly net worth check-in is a special moment where I can really do a dedicated deep dive into the exact numbers. Here are the numbers for this month:

Passive Income Report

This is a much smaller change than the previous 2 months of 2021, mainly because the market has been down since I captured my numbers for February– in fact, I had a negative passive income for this month, losing $184 across my investments.

Other Notes & Reflections

The majority of my stimulus check went to savings for education, as I’m gearing up to take a bunch of classes over the summer and advance my position on the salary scale ASAP. In terms of my feelings about the smaller amount of growth, I’m not reeling from seeing less growth or losing money in my investments. Market fluctuations are to be expected– the key is to stay invested over the long term to ride out the short-term dips. And seeing the $10k+ change in just the first 3 months of the year is extremely exciting to me. This is already HALF of the growth I saw in 2020, so… no part of me is disappointed about this.

Head to the video above to see the full breakdown of all of my accounts, plus commentary. If you’re ready to track your own new worth and see where you stand each year, get my free budget template.

And don’t forget that I made a resource for working on your money mindset as you walk through this journey.

🙂 Rachel

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