Budget with Me April 2021 | Tax returns & many question marks

Hey reader,

As with these past few months of 2021, there’s a lot that’s up-in-the-air with my April budget. I feel extremely grateful for my third paycheck in January, the stimulus checks in January and March, and getting some of my stipends paid in February. This month, I’m also expecting a lump sum in the form of my tax returns– as with the previous months, the exact amount is kind of a question mark. So, I’m setting my budget up based on my normal income, and hoping to see more through my returns. Here’s the bird’s eye view:

As you can see, there isn’t much wiggle room or any big moves being made with savings. However, should I receive tax returns, my plan is to send some to my Roth IRA, some to my other savings accounts (namely, travel, gifts, and business), and a small amount ($25-$75) to my spending categories (probably “other”).

Once again, I’m really grateful for the first few months of the year bringing in lump sums. The (very small) trade off is that it’s been harder to plan for these months. For more commentary on all of my categories, head to the YouTube video above where I explain everything.

🙂 Rachel


If you want to use this template, I have it available for free.

If you need more guidance in your money journey, I created my Money Map Workbook just for you.

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