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Need more guidance on how to use and customize your budget in Google Sheets? Check out the YouTube tutorial I made on the most important & easy-to-use features.


I’d been going around in circles, in my head, trying to come up with an elegant solution for people trying to just start getting control of their money. 

But it wasn’t simple. I knew this because my own journey had been messy– I followed financial resources that I later learned to be problematic. I tried budget “hacks” that didn’t stick and led me to be more frustrated and confused than ever. I had to consume and consume personal finance information, often figuring out the hard way what worked for me, what didn’t, and what wouldn’t work for anybody, ever. 

It was messy when I started to use my knowledge to teach my friends and family who asked for advice, too. I had figured out how to manage my own money anxiety and create a budget that worked for me, but how could I teach them about money management when their fears, shame, limiting beliefs, ticks, and financial situation were all different?

So I got to work, and I created my first product, born out of the necessity to reach anybody who was willing to dig deep, make a plan, and be open to learning about themselves and their financial needs. 

And the best part is: it’s not complicated. It’s simple. Not easy, but simple.

It’s called the Money Map Workbook, and it’s made for anyone who’s willing to do the work and ready to finally get started on their money journey.

If this sounds like you, I challenge you to consider giving it a shot.

This free product includes:

  • Exercises to guide you in discovering your goals, re-framing your limiting beliefs, and creating your new, unique money mindset
  • All the steps you need to start creating a budget & tracking expenses
  • Steps on how to tweak your budget to reflect your needs and values, focusing on cutting expenses
  • Game plans for how to earn more in order to accelerate your progress toward your goals

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P.S. Want to take a money personality quiz that will make the Money Map Workbook even more useful and specific to you? Check out my video below.