Announcing the Teachers Talk Money Podcast

Hey reader,

I am extremely excited to announce that Teachers Talk Money is no longer just a YouTube channel, website, and Instagram for my personal finance content and updates, but is also expanding to become a podcast.

I could not be more proud and thrilled about this move, because I am personally a rabid consumer of podcasts, and listening to money podcasts was essential to learning about personal finance in a way that fit into my day while I was already commuting to work. Podcasts were my daily inspiration, information, and reminder to keep my finances at the forefront of my mind. But I hadn’t ever heard of a personal finance podcast for teachers, and so I’m thrilled to be offering this.

The most exciting part of this, however, is that I will not be the only host. I got together with my friend Christy Meurer, who runs the website and Instagram @financiallyfitteacher, to do this podcast. Christy is so awesome, and she offers a totally different perspective than I do. She’s a Gen Xer, an elementary teacher, and she lives across the country from me in Missoula, Montana. 

I’m thrilled to be working with her because, even though we represent different perspectives to each other, she and I are super aligned when it comes to our big picture values, and especially when it comes to being passionate about getting solid money information and advice out to teachers everywhere.

As of the day this post is coming out, our show has officially launched. You can find us on Apple, Google, Stitcher, Spotify, and pretty much anywhere else you listen to podcasts.

We’ve launched with our first 3 episodes, so there’s so much content for you to dig into already. If you prefer to use YouTube to listen to podcasts, I’ll be posting each episode on my channel over the course of next week as well.

I’ve got a big favor to ask: PLEASE head to wherever you listen to podcasts and subscribe to Teachers Talk Money. If you use Apple podcasts, leave us a review or just click some stars! This is MASSIVELY helpful when it comes to getting our message out to as many teachers as possible. PLEASE share with your teacher friends, post to teacher facebook groups, or just subscribe and leave us a review! 

I’m genuinely so proud of the Teachers Talk Money Podcast, because being able to converse with another teacher with a totally different perspective about these topics adds so much clarity and really brings financial advice to life. 

And that’s all I have to say! You guys are the best ever, thank you for continuing to support me and support the message of Teachers Talk Money.

🙂 Rachel

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