20. Season Finale Spectacular Teachers Talk Money

It’s been a full, 20-episode season of Teachers Talk Money, and Rachel is in the mood to celebrate.  Mentioned in this episode: https://www.nerdwallet.com/best/banking/high-yield-online-savings-accounts More from Rachel: http://www.teacherstalkmoney.com Follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok @TeachersTalkMoney
  1. 20. Season Finale Spectacular
  2. 19. Show Update: The Future of the TTM Podcast
  3. 18. It’s OK to leave teaching: making teaching sustainable or changing careers with the Teacher Career Coach
  4. 17. Staying Motivated in Debt Payoff & Building Wealth with MelannialMoney
  5. 16. Setting Boundaries in the New School Year
  6. 15. Budget-Friendly Classroom Design
  7. 14. Mastering Your Money Check-In: Financial Order of Operations
  8. 13. Investing Essentials: Fees, Funds, and Financial Advisers
  9. 12. Summer Money Series: Investing Accounts for Teachers
  10. 11. Why Investing is Crucial (And Not So Scary After All)

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