My Actual January 2019 Budget with Screenshots from my Everydollar App

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Happy New Year, everyone!

Here’s my updated budget for January 2019, with a bit of insight on how I’m getting out of debt just 3 months into the year.


Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 8.02.00 AM

You may notice that my income has increased from my December budget. I haven’t earned a higher salary, but I’ve decided to cut my retirement contributions from 12% to 5% until I’ve repaid my debt. This was a difficult choice for me, but entirely worth it, considering I’ll be debt free by March partly because of this change.



Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 8.02.12 AM

With the “increase” in income and a few other sacrifices I’ve made, I’m able to put $1,382 towards debt this month. Kind of crazy!



Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 8.02.17 AM

My savings consist of putting a little bit towards my emergency fund, car fund, travel, gifts, and summer payment (as I’m a teacher and only work 10 months of the year). You’ll notice that I renamed travel “Iceland” because I’ll be going to Iceland this summer! Having a more specific name is definitely motivating.

You may also notice that my summer payment money is definitely not enough to sustain me over two months; I’m going to contribute more to it once I pay off debt. I’m also planning on putting most or all of my tax refund towards this line in my budget.



Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 8.02.22 AM

My rent is fixed and my utilities are based on the previous month’s actual costs, with a bit of a buffer built in, just in case.



Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 8.02.26 AM

I keep gas at $100 each month, and that’s almost always enough. Tolls this month will be $0 instead of $135 since I decided to stop using the toll road on my way to work! This is another factor contributing to how I’ll be debt free in fewer months.



Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 8.02.29 AM

I added a bit extra to my grocery and going out budget this month, as I feel kind of nervous about potentially going over budget on these expenses this month. I probably won’t spend the full amounts, but I like to have the peace of mind. I also may be spending a lot less on going out, as I’m considering doing a Dry January. I’m still on the fence. Let me know what you think about this idea!



Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 8.02.34 AM

Finally, I have about $60 of spending money in case I need or want anything I didn’t budget for. I usually don’t spend most of this money, but again, having the peace of mind is really important to me in case anything comes up.



Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 8.02.42 AM

Here’s the full break down of my expenses. 48% of my income is going towards debt, which is WILD. It’s a huge sacrifice but entirely worth it; and in just 3 short months I’ll be able to put all this money towards my emergency fund, investing, savings, and maybe even spending a little more 🙂

Let me know if you notice anything about my budget that could use revision! I’m trying to squeeze out every dollar I can towards debt. Happy holidays everyone!


5 thoughts on “My Actual January 2019 Budget with Screenshots from my Everydollar App

  1. When you chose a budgeting app was there a specific reason you went with the every dollar app vs. something else like mint? I’m starting a job soon where I can finally take control of my financial future and very excited to work on this.


    1. Yes! I find that Everydollar is more user-friendly. Mint connects to your bank account automatically, so you don’t have to enter every purchase you make automatically, but it also puts some spending it the incorrect categories so you have to put a bit more work in. Plus, I actually like entering my purchases in automatically– it keeps me completely on top of my spending.
      SO exciting that you’re getting a job and able to work on controlling your finances! I promise, it’s one of the most freeing experiences I’ve ever had.


  2. I’m really glad you shared your blog on Facebook/Instagram…I’ve been trying to get on top of my finances lately, and seeing your blog was like a sign from the universe that I was on the right track. Just finished setting up my own budget on EveryDollar; I already like it a lot more than the other apps/sites I’ve looked at. Thanks again for sharing!


    1. So glad that you find my blog valuable! I’ve always liked reading your travel adventures and morning encouragement! 🙂
      I totally agree about EveryDollar– so much more user friendly and simple!
      Teachers FTW!


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