How Much Did my Net Worth Decrease In August?

How Much Did my Net Worth Decrease In August? Hey everyone!Not gonna lie, the past week of pre-service (teacher work week before school starts) was so frustrating each and every day. Other than content I had already created and scheduled, I didn't post anything or even really think about TTM. Usually pre-service is a time of nervous excitement, but this year's was full [...]

Is FIRE Possible for a Teacher?

Is FIRE Possible for a Teacher? One of my favorite topics in the world of personal finance is FIRE (financial independence retire early) because I find it so liberating and ridiculously simple to understand. I find that this topic, unlike any other, encourages people to dream bigger than they thought they could and still get hyper-specific about their numbers. So, [...]

I Finally Calculated My Retirement Number and the Result Shocked Me

Photo by Erick Palacio via I've been focused on being in control of my finances month-to-month, but I've put off thinking about a longer-term goal: my (early) retirement. Don't get me wrong, I know exactly how much I want to be investing each month once I get my emergency fund fully built, and I even [...]

Waiting Through the Chaos: Having Patience When You Have No Control | LIFE UPDATE

Photo by Hédi Benyounes via In my head, my life has been completely nuts lately. In reality, things are actually pretty calm and slow. The reason I feel like life is crazy is because there are so many changes on the horizon, and I'm constantly ruminating on how to tackle them, logistically, mentally, and financially. [...]

January Net Worth & Debt Update

Photo by Nicole Ditt via With another month passed, I'm officially only 2 months (or 5 payments) away from becoming #debtfree. This process has been both humbling and inspiring. Sticking to a tight budget has shown me what I'm capable of doing with money and what is really worth spending on. It has also [...]

The Obvious & the Underrated | Resources for Personal Finance & Minimalism: A Comprehensive List

Photo by rawpixel via PERSONAL FINANCE The Obvious: Dave Ramsey - Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps are the perfect starting place for beginners who are ready to change their lives financially. His podcast/show is a wealth of information. His delivery can be harsh, but I find that helps the information truly sink in.   The [...]