a much needed 3 paycheck month | Budget With Me December 2021 | Teachers Talk Money

Hey team! Very excited to bring you an interesting BWM for the month of December 2021. This month, I have much more income than usual to work with, thanks to a third paycheck and a “recruitment and retention” incentive my district is giving us to make up for some of the lost income due to our steps being paused.

And thank goodness for this increased income, because I had lowkey fallen into a bad financial habit recently: I had been budgeting the money for rent in the month it was due vs. the month prior, meaning that I would often have to wait for my first paycheck of the month before paying rent. I knew better, but in the messiness and financial stress of our move this summer, I got mixed up. My privilege of having a partner who would pay the rent in full and allow me to pay him my half when I got my first paycheck for these past few months kept everything manageable, but it’s time I got full control of the situation. It’s an important reminder of how powerful having a safety net can be, and the financial privilege of being coupled up (in general) is something we don’t talk about enough.

It’s also reminding me how grateful I am to have shifted my money mindset. In the past, safety net or not, a mistake like this would have sent me spiraling in shame. It feels amazing that I was able to notice the mistake and make a plan to fix it, without convincing myself that this mistake made me a failure or a fraud.

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