I quizzed my boyfriend on money questions… he failed | Teachers Talk Money

Hey reader,

I finally brought Brian onto the channel with me! I told him about this video a while back, and he promised not to study up 🙂 I wanted to demonstrate to you guys just how different we are when it comes to money management, and how that’s really okay in a relationship (especially one where our finances are mostly separate). Also, I wanted to show you that, while I love to poke fun at Brian for his unawareness, I still really respect his money mindset and what he brings to the table. And I don’t judge him– or anyone else– for being more relaxed about money than I am. So if you’ve ever been afraid to ask me a question or be vulnerable about your money habits, don’t be!

We had so much fun making this video, so I hope you guys enjoy it! I’ll be bringing Brian back for another video soon, where we’ll have a conversation about our money values together.

🙂 Rachel


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