My *3-Paycheck* Budget for January

My *3-Paycheck* Budget for January

Happy 2020 everyone! So many exciting things are happening this month. I'm starting my second semester of grad school, a new semester of teaching (our classes change half way through the year, so I get new students!), and perhaps most excitingly, I'm beginning a new online course!!! I haven't shared about this here yet, but [...]

My December Budget

My December Budget

As I get older, I realize each year how much I genuinely love December. I just get so excited for my goals in the next year, and I love the snow and holidays while you can still romanticize them, before SAD kicks in and it's just... cold and dark? Definitely not looking forward to all [...]

A Small Savings Hack that Helps Me Save Slowly Without Thinking

Photo by Katie Harp via Disclaimer: This post contains a promo code for a savings app. I've been mulling over writing this, because it's made me feel a bit icky (I would clearly benefit from it monetarily) and the last thing I want to do is come off as self-serving or inauthentic to my [...]

On Credit Cards

Photo by Code Mnml via So, I've never talked about credit cards on my blog. I didn't even realize this until my friend wrote in for a Q & A, asking "Do you have a credit card, and if so, how do you use it?" I thought it warranted an entire post. In my [...]

Budgetting for an Upcoming Move | My June Budget

Photo by David Boca via I'm navigating some semi-uncharted budget territory this month since I'm planning the expenses of moving. This means budgetting for a security deposit, first month's rent, moving fees, getting my plates and license changed (since I'll be moving from Maryland to DC), parking, furniture, and probably some other hidden costs. So [...]

On Anxiety, Time, and Social Media: An Experiment in Digital Minimalism

Photo by Viktor Talashuk via I am addicted to my phone. Maybe this is not such a hot take, but I have been observing lately that it feels like everyone around me is addicted to their's, too, in a way that is (mostly) highly functional and completely socially acceptable.  Truthfully, I'm the first person [...]