My November 2020 Budget

My November 2020 Budget Hey reader, Scorpio season is finally here, as is a very eventful November. Like every year, this month brings my birthday, anniversary, and Thanksgiving. This year, it also means a presidential election and a no-spend month, not to mention that we're still in the thick of unrest, a pandemic, and virtual learning. There's a [...]

COVID-19 & My Money

COVID-19 & My Money

This moment in our history has felt so surreal. To me, it has re-emphasized, on a very emotional and visceral level, the importance of understanding and having control of my money. This month, March 2020, marks one year since I (kind of) became debt-free. This is also the month, this year, where I finally completed [...]

Yearly Spending Breakdown: This Year vs. Last Year (With Graphs)

Photo by Brooke Lark via If you follow me on Instagram (which you should if you'll get value from it: @wrachelwrites), you've seen these graphs which break down my yearly spending by percentage. I added up exactly what I spent last year (thanks to my budget records, this was easy to do), and made [...]