every houseplant I own as a mediocre plant parent

This is highly requested from my IG audience, who sees me post a lot of plant pictures on my stories. I always thought I couldn’t take care of plants. When the pandemic started, I decided to learn more about them, and it turns out it’s not that difficult once you start reading into the needs of different plants. Now, I’m not the most amazing plant parent– you’ll see some damage on some of my plants today. But in terms of keeping them alive and mostly happy, it just took learning about their needs and then trial and error with placement in the apartment and watering.

I love taking care of my plants. It’s a very simple, meditative process and it feels really good to keep things alive and (usually) well, and be responsible for living things outside of just myself. Especially because they’re so beautiful and really add to the decor and aesthetic of my living space. Enjoy!

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Grounded Plants – https://grounded-plants.com/

Little Leaf Shop – https://littleleafshop.com/

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