Budget with Me November 2021 | Teachers Talk Money

Hey everyone, happy November!

This is always a busy and fun month for me with my birthday, anniversary, and the thanksgiving holiday. It’s also when I start planning my holiday shopping– an equally stressful and exciting endeavor. This year, I have a bit of additional income this month due to a recruitment & retention incentive payment, thanks to my awesome union. It’s not really “extra” money, since we are receiving it due to having our salary scale steps paused once again (and it’s less $ than we would be making if we were on the correct step). I hope you enjoy seeing how I’ve decided to allocate this lump sum and taking a look at a few other small changes in my budget 🙂

If you’re ready to get started on your money journey, use my resources below!
Budget Templates: https://www.teacherstalkmoney.com/budget
Money Map Workbook: https://www.teacherstalkmoney.com/moneymapworkbook
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