A Small Raise & Another Stipend | Budget With Me June 2021

Hey reader

As I’ve touched on before, my income was impacted by the pandemic. The salary steps in my district were paused, meaning I made the same amount of base salary I did last year for most of this year, rather than earning a step increase. In the second-to-last month of the school year, they finally reinstated our steps, so my income has increased slightly. Here are the new numbers:

All in all, the raise accounts for about a $50 increase each month after normal paycheck deductions, including my 457 deductions. I also added in a conservative guesstimate of what my stipend amounts will be after deductions. With this amount, I’m planning to add $1,300 to cover moving expenses (as always, I’ll be documenting all the costs to share with you all, so stay tuned!) and $300 to bolster my car fund. Additionally, I decided to increase my travel fund, other fund, business fund, and dining fund, all by just a bit. The idea here was to give myself a bit more room to spend on these things that are important to me.

Also, if you’re following my YouTube channel (I posted an extra May budget update), you know that I was able to put my tax refund and most of one of my stipends towards my Roth IRA, which is now completely maxed out for 2021 (!!!).

🙂 Rachel


If you want to use this template, I have it available for free.

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