$50k Teacher Net Worth at Age 24 | May 2021 Net Worth Update

Hey reader,

It happened– I finally passed the $50k mark on my net worth, just barely! My growth this month wasn’t amazing (this net worth update only includes one paycheck, and doesn’t yet include the money I’ll be investing/saving once my tax refunds hit– see my budget update on my YouTube channel for more info on this), but I am still proud of the growth and consistency it took to get here. Here are the numbers at a glance:

Passive Income Report

My investments had a rocky month since we last checked in– I had days of huge gains and losses, ultimately losing -$177 this month. It’s par for the course, and I’m not disappointed. More just waiting for my tax refund to hit so I can try to invest it while the market is still down. In total, my investments have grown passively by $1,664 this year.

Other Notes & Reflections

I’m excited to pass the $50k milestone. This year has been a rocky one, market-wise and also because I lost income due to the pandemic. But things are still looking up, and I’m excited to see more growth, and hopefully more PASSIVE growth, in the remainder of this year. I’m also looking forward to seeing how quickly I can increase my net worth by $20k for the year, since that was the total growth I saw last year. Stay tuned to see when I make it happen!

Head to the video above to see the full breakdown of all of my accounts, plus commentary. If you’re ready to track your own new worth and see where you stand each year, get my free budget template.

And don’t forget that I made a resource for working on your money mindset as you walk through this journey.

🙂 Rachel

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