Budget with Me May 2021

Hey reader,

It’s a beautiful day for a fresh start, and I’m feeling the same way about my budget. Last month was one of maintenance for my money, whereas this month I may be able to make some moves, depending on when I receive my expected tax refunds. Here are the numbers:

As you can see, most of the numbers are staying the same from April. I reallocated some money from my business savings toward travel, as I dream of going on a trip this summer (no plans as of now, just daydreams). I think everything else is the same– much like last month, I am anticipating potentially getting my tax refunds this month, and definitely getting my stipend for coaching JV Girls’ Volleyball. I may make an extra video about that when it happens, but the plan is that most will go toward my Roth IRA, some will go toward savings, and some will go toward discretionary spending.

🙂 Rachel


If you want to use this template, I have it available for free.

If you need more guidance in your money journey, I created my Money Map Workbook just for you.

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