Almost at the $50k Mark | April 2021 Net Worth Update

Hey reader,

I haven’t been paying too much attention to my money this month. Part of the beauty of getting good with money is that you don’t have to dedicate nearly as much time and energy to it when you’ve created systems and know your numbers. Still, I love doing my net worth updates because I love taking a deeper dive into my financials. Watch the video above it you want a more thorough breakdown of everything, but here are the numbers for this month:

Passive Income Report

My investments are back on track after seeing losses last month. In April, my Roth IRA gained $574 passively, and my 457 gained $266 passively. This brings my year-to-date total to $1,841 so far. I like to think of this as having given myself a small raise, and I’m excited to see where I end the year in terms of passive income. How much of a raise can I give myself in 2021?

Other Notes & Reflections

I didn’t do any hands-on investing this month. I have $720 come out of my paycheck toward my 457, but didn’t make any contributions toward my Roth IRA (the next big contribution will come with my tax refund, which I have not received yet. Considering how little I contributed, I’m pleased with the overall growth across my accounts. It feels awesome to be so close to the $50k mark, an amount of money that seemed unfathomable when I started my career.

Head to the video above to see the full breakdown of all of my accounts, plus commentary. If you’re ready to track your own new worth and see where you stand each year, get my free budget template.

And don’t forget that I made a resource for working on your money mindset as you walk through this journey.

🙂 Rachel

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