The most my net worth has ever increased in a single month | February 2021 Net Worth Update | Teachers Talk Money

Hey reader,

Thanks for stopping in for another net worth update! This month, I got two partial stipends for my work as a coach and newspaper sponsor, so I was able to send a huge chunk of money towards investments & savings. Here are the numbers at a glance:

Passive Income Report

I contributed quite a bit to my Roth IRA this month, and in addition to my contributions, it’s grown by $502 on it’s own. Since 15% of my stipends were also added to my 457, my contributions toward that were higher than usual this month as well. In terms of interest, it grew $273, for a total passive income of $775 this month between my two main retirement accounts.

Other notes & Reflections

I found out that the website that holds my supplemental pension only updates the contributions once per year (lol), so that will remain steady in my net worth updates. Other than pointing that out, most of the other increases are self-explanatory. I feel highly encouraged that I saw so much growth this month, and also that I’m already almost half way to fully funding my Roth IRA for 2021. That being said, so much of this growth is attributed to the fact that both January and February had huge windfalls of money (a third paycheck, a stimulus check, and two partial stipends). I don’t at all anticipate this rate of growth to continue into March, but I’m still happy to see the increases AND continue to see a significant (to me) amount of passive growth. As the title suggests, this is the most my net worth has EVER grown in a single month! Cheers to that!

Thanks for joining me here for my net worth update! Watch the video above to get more detailed commentary on each of my accounts.

🙂 Rachel


If you’re ready to track your own new worth and see where you stand each year, get my free budget template.

Don’t forget that I made a resource for working on your money mindset as you walk through this journey.

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