November 2020 Net Worth Update | Road to 20k in 2020

Hey reader,

As 2020 is about to close, I’m excited to share yet another net worth update– one that makes me hopeful that I’ll meet my goal for the year, and hopeful for the progress I’ll be able to make in 2021. Here are the numbers:


My Roth IRA grew $417 in interest alone without me contributing a cent of my own money this month. It’s funny how little this may seem to someone else– I know tons of PF bloggers who see thousands of dollars in interest each month– but I’m so thrilled by this passive income because it feels amazing to see the fruits of my labors over the past few years. Same with my 457b; I contributed about $720, but it grew about $220 on its own. On the other hand, my pension increase is just the $358 that I contributed myself.


Fortunately, I’ve had another month without any emergencies and without having to withdraw from my EF. My other savings saw barely any growth, mostly due to the fact that I did a ton of Christmas shopping out of my gift fund. This is pretty typical of this time of year, so it’s something I fully expected.


The numbers look good overall, but what I’m most excited about is that my year-to-date growth is at $18,712. My unofficial goal for this year was to grow my net worth 20k in 2020, and there were definitely some months where I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. And to be realistic, it still may not. But based on the averages, it looks like my goal is within reach for this year. After only growing my net worth by 13k last year, I couldn’t be more excited about the increase in the rate of growth.

Check out my YouTube video above to see the full breakdown commentary with graphs, and make sure to check back next month to see if I reached my goal of saving 20k in 2020! If you’re ready to start seeing your money grow passively, it’s time to get my free budget template.

🙂 Rachel


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