How my no-spend November is going so far

Hey reader.

I have to admit that getting back into the whole no-spend month trend has felt really good. I think it’s because I set reasonable goals for myself (I’m still allowed a lot of takeout/delivery, and going a month without spending on discretionary items is doable for me). Meeting, and sometimes exceeding, my goals makes me feel accomplished, but I still get to have a lot of balance in my life. And in all honesty, I picked an easy month: I’ve been treated for my birthday and anniversary, and I still have been doing online shopping for Christmas gifts, which was always one of my exceptions, as it comes out of my savings. I’ll have to try this whole thing again in a month that is more typical and therefore challenging.

At this point in the month, the video above is slightly outdated in some senses. I filmed it over a week before this post will publish. That being said, every point in it has held true: I have not spent on discretionary items (there may be one exception to that, which I mention in the video), and I’m meeting my goals for food spending. Additionally, I’m STILL talking myself out of buying plants and clothes.

Suffice to say, of all the no-spend months I’ve done, this has been the easiest. And that’s weird, because it’s the one I’m doing with the most fanfare (that is, my YouTube audience following along). I kind of feel like I slow pitched myself here, but I’ll be damned if “no-spend November” isn’t catchy.

I don’t have much else to say– just wanted to keep you updated! If you want to follow along more closely, I’m posting regular updates on my Instagram @teacherstalkmoney.

Are you following NSN with me? Leave me a comment to let me know how your no-spend month is going!

🙂 Rachel

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