Everything I spent living in Vermont for a month

Hey reader,

I’ve been back in DC for two weeks now, and it feels great to be home. I’ve slowly gotten back into my old daily routine, and I also didn’t realize how much I missed DC until I got back at the end of October. Vermont was like nothing I had ever seen– a picturesque autumn and, on the day we left, an early winter wonderland. When I got back to DC, the leaves were still changing in my neighborhood, and it felt like turning back the clock just in time for some much-needed reflection.

Upon returning, I totaled up all of the expenses for you guys. It wasn’t anything new, since I just plugged all the numbers into my normal monthly budget. Here’s the birds-eye view:

Overall, I budgeted to use $2,388 in October, which is my entire monthly income.  I ended up going over by $19, spending a total of $2,407, due to going overbudget in almost every variable category, but going under in the gas category. This is why I keep a $500 buffer in my checking account, because sometimes I have a month or two where I go over budget, and that’s okay. All I need to remain calm is the knowledge that I have money in place for this very reason. In case you need to hear this, going overbudget doesn’t make you bad with money or a failure.

In addition to these monthly expenses, I paid $656 for my half of the AirBNB. This came out of my travel fund back in August.

To see the full breakdown of each and every category, along with some footage I took during the trip, watch my YouTube video above.

🙂 Rachel

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