My November 2020 Budget

Hey reader,

Scorpio season is finally here, as is a very eventful November. Like every year, this month brings my birthday, anniversary, and Thanksgiving. This year, it also means a presidential election and a no-spend month, not to mention that we’re still in the thick of unrest, a pandemic, and virtual learning. There’s a lot going on.

In the midst of it all, I know that staying consistent with my budget will allow me control over one of my most important personal resources– my money. As the school year goes on, I’m finding more and more balance in my budget this year. Let’s take a look at the specifics.

My income is higher than expected– I based my October numbers on a paycheck where I had an unusual $30 deduction, so I’m actually making $60 more a month than I expected. When I wrote out my October budget, things felt a but tighter, so this additional amount eased my mind a bit by allowing me to put some more money into savings.

My Gift & Travel Funds are remaining at $60 and $100, respectively. I’m happy to report that I was able to raise my monthly business savings to $70, since that will allow me to make purchases for TTM with less reservation in the future, in addition to covering the monthly expenses. My Summer & Grad School amounts are remaining the same, given that they are the exact amounts needed to cover those costs in the future. I took the remaining money left and added it to my Car Fund, bringing the total from $40 to $74. As you may know, my Car Fund in nearly complete, I’m simply rebuilding it from a recent mechanic cost.

Overall, I’m glad to see a normal budget for an otherwise-hectic month. As always, to hear more explanation and commentary, watch the YouTube video above. Remember, you can get my budget templates for free.

🙂 Rachel


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