My October 2020 Net Worth Update

Hey reader,

In case you missed it, I spent the month of October in Vermont (in fact, I’m sitting in the AirBNB here in VT as I write this). I’ve been teaching virtually while enjoying one of the most gorgeous autumns I’ve ever experienced, and I’m happy to report that my net worth hasn’t seen any serious side effects.

Well, I suppose that isn’t entirely true. When my best friend and I booked the AirBNB back in August, it was one of many hits I took to my net worth that month. Since my half of the lodging was around $650, it certainly wasn’t any chump change that was deducted from my savings accounts. That being said, I didn’t feel a single heartbeat of guilt, because that’s exactly why my travel savings exist: to be spent on travel.

I thought about taking money out of the same fund to cover some costs of the trip, before I realized that I could just incorporate the expenses into my normal monthly budget. And here we are, at the end of the month, and my net worth is sitting pretty. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

While I encourage you to watch the video above to see my full commentary, I will say that one of the parts of this net worth update that I’m so excited about is the passive growth my investments gained. While it’s nothing compared to those who have tens of thousands already invested, I was ecstatic to see that over $200 of my net worth increase is due to compound interest alone. This means that by doing nothing but investing consistently over time, I earned an extra $200 this month. It’s such a cool thing.

While $1,521 is below my average monthly gains for 2020 so far, I feel good just slowly getting back on track with saving and investing. And doing so while exploring a new state? I can’t even tell you how grateful I feel.

If you’re ready to start seeing your money grow, even while traveling, it’s time to get my free budget template.

🙂 Rachel


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