Net Worth Update: September 2020

This summer was one of huge net worth decreases for me, and while it was worth it in the short-term to not have to work for two months, I’m ready and excited to start seeing my numbers go up once again. I’m writing this on the first day that really feels like autumn here in DC, and it feels like the weather is heralding a fresh start for me in so many ways. Not only am I finally getting the hang of virtual teaching, but I’ve been able see more friends here and there than when we were in the thick of quarantine. And I’m looking forward to October, when I’ll be living and working in a new place for the month (follow my Instagram to get updates about this first. Otherwise, check in to next week’s post for the official announcement with more details).

Another cool thing about this particular net worth update is that it’s been exactly one year since I started tracking my net worth consistently, every single month. So let’s get into the numbers and see how I’m doing. As always, I’ll post the overview here, but you should watch my video above for more specifics and commentary 🙂

And with that, I’m back over $30k and thrilled 🙂 My investments didn’t perform well at all, and I wasn’t able to save nearly as much as I had hoped. The latter was a result of only getting paid 3/4 of what I normally would in a month, and so it was a one-off for this month. But seeing $882 of growth still makes me excited, because it means I’m getting back on track towards my goals.

Fun fact: when I tracked my net worth exactly one year ago, it was $11,311. One year later, and I’m closing in on tripling that number, all with minimal raises and continuing to live in a high cost of living area. And I feel weirdly… relieved. In the midst of making sacrifices and still trying to balance living the life I want to, it often feels like it might all be for nothing, or that I’ll somehow mess it all up along the way. But seeing the numbers consistently follow a pattern shows me, clear as day, that changing your life is possible, and that this whole money thing isn’t just for those born into wealth and information.

If you’re ready to start seeing the numbers reflect your finances, it’s time to get my free budget template.

🙂 Rachel


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