Every Item of Clothing I Own as a Minimalist & My 3 Tips for Keeping a Small Wardrobe

Happy Monday, everyone! My latest video was a request to go through each and every item of clothing I own, so you can see what goes into a minimalist wardrobe. I feel obligated to always add the disclaimer that being a minimalist doesn’t mean keeping a certain number of pieces of clothing, but rather that you choose to intentionally curate a wardrobe that is full of clothes you enjoy and doesn’t cause you stress when you have to decide what to wear in the morning. Here are my top tips for achieving this:

  1. Go shopping in your own closet.
    • As you look through your clothes, consider which items you would purchase again and which items you would leave at the store, knowing what you know now. If there’s something you wouldn’t buy again, consider letting it go.
  2. Ask yourself these question.
    • “When was the last time I wore this?”
    • “Do I feel comfortable and confident when I wear this?”
    • “Do I really like this, or did someone tell me to?”
  3. Take note of how you feel in each piece of clothing.
    • Do you have that shirt that always makes your body look funny-shaped? Or that dress that you have to re-adjust on your body every 5 minutes? Or those pants that you never reach for, because they’re one size too big or small, but you’re keeping them anyway? These are the items of clothing that take up unnecessary mental and physical space, and would probably serve someone else much better than they are serving you.

Please enjoy this video where I take you through my closet. Not all of these purchases are sustainable– many of them were made years ago, before I decided to stop purchasing from fast fashion companies. Overall, I’m pleased with my wardrobe. It’s definitely not the 30-item wardrobe of a more minimal person, but it’s created a great balance for me between my work and personal life, and I feel like myself in every single item.

🙂 Rachel


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