An Update on my Numbers: May Net Worth & June Budget 2020

While I’ve been quiet about my numbers on the blog for a while, I’ve been updating my YouTube consistently on a weekly basis, and I want to catch all of you up in writing now 🙂

Let’s start with my net worth for May 2020– here are the latest totals of each of my accounts:

The huge shift in savings was a result of a stipend being paid, but I’m happy to see that all of my accounts have grown. What I’m MOST excited about, though, is that my total year-to date change of $13,199 is almost as much as my total net worth increase for all of last year (2019) and we were only 5 months into 2020 when I tracked these changes. Here’s the numbers as I tracked them:

It’s also encouraging to see the largest amount of growth I’ve ever seen in a single month since I started tracking. Pretty cool!

Now, let’s talk about my budget for June. Things have changed a lot since I uploaded my June budget video to YouTube. Here’s the entire thing at a glance:

One major change is that I unexpected received an extra $152, in a bill refund and a reimbursement for some coaching classes I had to take months ago. $110 (my reimbursement) of this went towards my Roth IRA, bringing my total invested amount to $810. $42 went to “other,” which I decided to do knowing I would want to donate to charity that month to support Black Lives Matter.

Notably, the big change this month is that I decided to create a line item for Teachers Talk Money– exciting stuff! Other than that, I rounded off my car fund with an extra $100 at added an extra $21 to my subscriptions to account for Audible.

As you can see, things have gone sideways for me this month– I’ve already gone WAY over my “other” category, with giving, unexpectedly paying for medication for Hattie, and impulsively buying a box of meat.

The impulses clearly didn’t stop there, because a quick glance at my “restaurants” category will show you just how much I’ve been spending on fast food. Normally I don’t have any problem with buying fast food, but it’s usually a lot more occasional that it has been this month. I’m also looking to shift into supporting more local businesses and specifically Black-owned businesses, and yet I’ve been spending my money, for the most part, at big chain restaurants. I need to make a change here.

So here’s to hoping that I won’t end up going over my budget entirely this month– I’m grateful for the buffer I’ve built up, but I still plan on keeping a close eye on groceries, gas, & restaurants to try and stay underbudget overall.

For more commentary on my May net worth & June budget, check out my videos below 🙂 Enjoy!

🙂 Rachel

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