COVID-19 Net Worth, April Budget, and How to Budget For Loss of Income

Hey everyone!

I have lots of money updates for you since, as you know, things are changing really fast all the time. I felt super weird tracking my net worth, knowing the stock market would look completely different from day to day, but capturing your net worth is always kind of arbitrary– it just feels even more so during a financial crisis.

My total net worth when I captured it at the end of March was $21,485, for a total change of $2,160 since I tracked it in February. This surprised me, given that my investments had lost a lot of money, but made sense given that a) because I have relatively little invested, I didn’t lose very much, and b) I got my tax refund in March, and put most of it towards  less volatile vehicles (my savings). You can see the total breakdown in my YouTube video:


I also have yet to share my April budget with you guys, but here are the major changes:

  • My income is slightly lower (TBD on how much exactly) because I enrolled in long term disability insurance and it will be taken out of my paycheck– so I’m estimating taking home $1,435 per paycheck instead of $1,470
  • This is my first month where I don’t have to save for my emergency fund, so I’m now allocating that money to increasing my savings
  • I lowered my expected gas costs, seeing as I won’t be driving anywhere, and raised my grocery budget to $200 since we’re eating at home a lot more while self-isolating

See all the numbers in my most recent YouTube video, along with a model of how to budget for loss of income:


I hope all of you guys are staying safe and healthy, because that matters more than building wealth right now.

See you next week!