ICYMI: I’m on YouTube! Here’s Why, What’s Changing, and What’s Staying the Same

Hey everybody!

Interrupting our regularly-scheduled money talk posts to talk about my latest project: I finally started a YouTube channel called Teachers Talk Money. You can find it here.

I say “finally” because this is something I’ve wanted to do practically since I started blogging. Writing is much more comfortable for me, because it’s so much more edited, private, and you don’t see my face or hear my voice. Plus, there’s that whole I-majored-in-English thing that makes me more comfortable with writing as a medium.

But at the same time, I almost never read blogs until I got into the space myself. I got almost all of my financial self-education from YouTube videos. And seeing as people like me are my ideal audience, it only makes sense that I would use the mediums that I personally consume the most.

I’ve known all of this for a long time, but fear of failure and being on camera kept me from moving forward. Plus, when you’re already working on so many projects on top of your actual job, it’s easy to be short on time & energy (hey, teachers) and use that as a reason not to start something that feels so big.

It’s not as big as I thought, though. When I recorded four episodes in a day and edited them throughout the week, I realized I could make it happen with the right strategy. I’m still awkward on camera. I’m still doing C- editing. I’m still learning how to make it all work. As I fumble through this, I’m realizing that I can definitely do the thing I was scared of. If I schedule it correctly, I have the time and energy. This seems to be a pretty constant theme in my life lately.

Here’s What’s Changing (And What’s Staying the Same).

I’m going to stick to weekly blog posts for now, but I’m considering replacing them with more videos sometime within the year. Let me know your thoughts on this!

We also need to talk about podcasting. As you guys know, I was dead-set on starting a podcast. After recording multiple episodes, I realized that sitting in my closet alone and talking to a mic wasn’t conducive to creating my best content. This took a while to realize, because I LOVE podcasts and the idea of being a podcaster– but it’s a realization I had to come to. I’m going to transfer the content ideas I originally had for the podcast over to my YouTube channel. I also recorded two AWESOME interviews with other teachers, and the audio for that will be available on my YouTube channel at some point as well.

As you guys have noticed, I rebranded to from wrachelwrites to Teachers Talk Money. The purpose behind this was to create a name that made my mission and content very clear, especially as I expanded to new platforms like YouTube. When I first created wrachelwrites, I came up with the name in five minutes and barely knew what I’d be posting about– now, I know my purpose. 

My Instagram @teacherstalkmoney is still alive and well, of course. My Twitter @tchrstalkmoney is still… there. 🙂

So go and check out my YouTube channel. Subscribe if you’ll find value in my videos or if you want to support me and stay updated. 

Talk soon!



2 thoughts on “ICYMI: I’m on YouTube! Here’s Why, What’s Changing, and What’s Staying the Same

  1. Awesome! Congratulations on finally making the jump to YouTube! There’s definitely a learning curve, but you’ll do great. And, of course, you already know you’ve got a ton of great financial content that your audience needs to hear. Just keep moving forward and I’m excited to see where this goes.

    Keep up the awesome work!

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