My January 2020 Net Worth

It’s that special time of the month again!

Here’s the breakdown of my net worth, post 3-paycheck month:

Pension: $5,398 (+382 since last month)

Roth IRA: $2,776 (+673 since last month)

457: $2,470 (+18 since last month)

Emergency Fund: $3,984 (+1,007 since last month)

Other Savings: $3,573 (+550 since last month)

January 2020 Net Worth: $18,201

Total change since last month: $2,629


Reflecting on this point in my journey:

Even when the returns on my investments didn’t do awesome this month, it’s great to see such a big leap (thanks, 3-paycheck month!). Breaking into the $18k threshold makes me realize how close 20k is– and that thrills me.

Progress towards the beginning of a career will generally always be slower– you’re not making even close to your earning potential. I think that’s why my own progress feels kind of slow to me (coupled with the fact that so many of us always feel like we’re behind on these big life things).

That being said, knowing my numbers has created more peace of mind than I ever thought I would have with money. I may not be making huge moves, but I know I’m doing good work within the confines of my income. Plus, having the right habits when you’re income is smaller, while more difficult, is what sets you up for success when you start earning more.

Thanks, as always, for reading, and I’ll see you guys next week!



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