October 2019 Net Worth Update

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I’m nervous. I haven’t done a net worth update since April, but I did check my net worth again in September, and I wasn’t happy. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but it ended up being just a little higher than the April net worth I tracked. It made sense, as I barely saved due to poor planning this summer, and used my travel sinking fund on a trip to Iceland, and took a $2,000 ding when I found out I had more debt than I thought.

But I felt super discouraged that after 5 months, it still felt as though I had made almost no progress. Not only did I feel anxious and upset about my finances, but I felt like an impostor as a personal finance writer– how could I offer insight when I still make so many mistakes with my money?

The answer, which I know when I am in my right mind, is that’s exactly why I’m qualified to provide insight. But, we are now past these questions and back on the grind. And, once again, I’m making progress with my net worth.

Here are the numbers:

Roth IRA: $989

457: $2,313

Pension: $4,252

Emergency Fund: $2,575

Other Savings: $2,668

October 30th Net Worth: $12,797

Again, it’s not much growth since April 2019, but it is going in the right direction. I’m pleased I have a better plan for summer 2019, so that I won’t face stagnancy the same way I did this past summer. I tracked the change using my budget template, and saw a +$1,486 increase from last month. Just because I was stagnant for a few months doesn’t mean my hard work now isn’t going to pay off in the long run. 

If you’d like to budget & track your net worth, try out my free budget template by clicking below 🙂

Get my budget template


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