A Small Savings Hack that Helps Me Save Slowly Without Thinking

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Disclaimer: This post contains a promo code for a savings app. I’ve been mulling over writing this, because it’s made me feel a bit icky (I would clearly benefit from it monetarily) and the last thing I want to do is come off as self-serving or inauthentic to my readers. But this is something that I truly do get value from, and so I would like to share it with you and give you a promo code– but only if you will find value from it, too. This, like all of my posts, is absolutely not sponsored and represents my own opinions entirely. Please read carefully.

As you guys know, I love a round-up feature. I’m not sure what it is exactly– I think it’s about being able to use spare change without thinking about it and slowly build up savings, ending up surprised when I open my app and see money there. 

The app I use for this is called Qapital, which is both a saving and investing app. Personally, I only use it for round-up savings. For a while, I wasn’t sure what exactly I was saving for, so I named the account “Treat Yo Self,” know that I would want to use the “extra money” for something that I’m not already saving for but would bring me some joy or add some value to my life. 

Recently, I decided exactly what I’m going to use the fund for. I’ve been having some difficulty with my wardrobe lately (specifically my professional clothing) and have been stalking sustainable fashion websites for things I like. But I’ve not been able to justify the purchases while I’ve been cash-flowing items for my not-quite-furnished-apartment. So, I decided I’m going to put the money towards adding classic, quality investment pieces to my closet.

I love having a specific goal in mind for this money. I’m enjoying continuing to peruse stores and figure out what pieces I might buy in the future while I check in on the money every now and then as it grows. It’s a slow process, but I’m almost enjoying it more because of that. I’ve been saving since July and have only saved about $75. Here’s my view of the screen as I write this (in late September):



Here’s how it works in my budget: when I make a purchase, I automatically round up the cost to the nearest dollar in my budget app. For example, if I pay $7.20 for something, I enter $8.00 into the app. It works really well for me as a way to save slowly for non-essentials. I think I would have really valued this while I was still in debt, as a way to give myself small rewards when so much of my money was going towards student loans.

Now, I want to give you my promo code, which will reward each of us with $20 when you make your first deposit. However, because I don’t want to take advantage of anyone through this promotion, here are some important questions to ask yourself if you’re interested in getting the app:

  1. Am I in control of my finances enough to properly use this app?
    1. If no, do not download.
  2. Will this encourage me to spend more to take advantage of the round-up feature?
    1. If yes, do not download.
  3. Am I already saving for big goals on my own, and therefore can use this app as supplemental savings instead of relying on it as my only means of saving?
    1. If no, do not download.

If you decide you’d like to download the app after you’ve considered these questions, please use my promo code to get $20 in your account for free: xk2us3hm

I hope you can find as much value in this app as I do 🙂




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