The Obvious & the Underrated | Resources for Personal Finance & Minimalism: A Comprehensive List

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The Obvious:

Dave Ramsey – Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps are the perfect starting place for beginners who are ready to change their lives financially. His podcast/show is a wealth of information. His delivery can be harsh, but I find that helps the information truly sink in. 


The Financial Diet – TFD was the first place I started finding information about finances. It can be a bit clickbaity at times, but I appreciate the female voice and the position of removing the taboo from the field. It isn’t just for women, to be clear, but it does lean towards that audience a bit more. 


Bitches Get Riches – The only source on here that doesn’t include a YouTube channel. BGR is a blog that uses a sharp, witty voice (actually, two) to write about women’s personal finance. Here’s a great post by them.


The Underrated:

Stacey Flowers – If you’re looking to follow someone on their own money journey, Stacey is an inspirational, encouraging, and relatable figure. She’s currently making progress on over $200,000 worth of debt– a pretty insane journey. She has a lot of wisdom to share along the way.


Michelle is Money Hungry – Michelle is (sort of) part of the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) crowd, and she had a short podcast where she talks about how she earns money as a “creativepreneur” with her course and by writing Ebooks.  What I like most about Michelle is how unapologetic she is in working hard and building wealth.


The Obvious:

The Minimalists – While it’s perhaps the most obvious, the Minimalists’ podcast has been one of the most valuable and formative in my life. It’s topped the health & wellness podcasts category on iTunes, and rightly so. Joshua and Ryan cover all kinds of topics aside from minimalism, such as love, fear, self-care, giving, addictions, social media, and finance. Their podcast is my ultimate recommendation (as well as their documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things), but here’s a short they did with Peter Rollins about falling out of love. It shows how versatile and all-encompassing their conversations can be, and it’s also super interesting.


Matt D’Avella – He’s the director of Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. Now, he has a seriously awesome YouTube channel. He uses it as a platform to create informative short videos (mostly about minimalism), but he also has a dope podcast on his channel called The Ground Up Show, where he sits down with creatives to discuss all topic involved in life and business as a creative. As a writer myself, I find it incredibly useful and encouraging. This short video below is just a snippet of his work that has stuck with me since I saw it. As a super anxious person, the idea of reframing anxiety as a positive experience has helped me immensely.


The Underrated:

Janell Kristina – Janell is just a super cool and relatable person who talks about minimalism, but also makes travel videos and content about things like depression and feminism. The video below is a video that I found very fruitful as it considers the weight of hoarding and impacts it had on Janell growing up. 


Madeleine Olivia – Madeleine’s videos are great for minimalism inspiration, but she’s also helped me learn a lot about things like veganism, skincare, and reducing waste. She’s also the first YouTuber that introduced me to the concept of Dry January, and she has an AWESOME video on it. 


So there are some of my favorite resources and personalities in personal finance and minimalism. Comment below what your favorite resources are!


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